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Staffs Day out

Watching movie in the theatre with digital sound effects and being a part of a mob with people known and unknown is a unique experience which most of us cherish. As a part of human welfare, the management of QMIS had organized a wonderful movie to the teaching staff as a part of Staff’s Day out. Team QMIS called it a Q’s Movie which was collectively enjoyed by a team of 26 teachers on the 7th of February, 2015 at a matinee show. The movie was ‘Kaakki Chattai’, a comedy based subject in which the actor ‘Shiva Karthikeyan’ and other supporting actors had thoroughly entertained the audience. It gave the team good excitement and a great relaxation from their monotonous routines. As a delight, the usual combo of pop-corn and ice-cream was relished as delicacies during the intermission by the entire team. Teachers departed to their home with loads of fun, excitement, relaxation and complete satisfaction of watching a good movie with friends and colleagues.