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Staff Dinner

“ A Group becomes a Team when each member is sure enough of himself ….to praise the skills of others ”

As quoted by Albert Einstein, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”, teachers play a vital role, as standard – bearers of values and accomplishments of children. Being at the brink of the Academic Year 2014 –’15, a note of gratitude and honor to the sanctified souls – “The Teachers” was expressed by the management. A staff dinner was arranged to rejoice the hard work and the accomplishments made .It was an energetic eve that was just filled with fun, frolic and feast that brought the team out of the humdrum. The motivational talk given by our beloved Chairman, Dr.Chandran and Our Director Abinath Chandran boosted up the team giving them full confidence and a promising year ahead. The joyous night ended with a heartfelt thankfulness that was bestowed upon to the management. The team dispersed chanting the golden verse “ Together Everybody Achieves More!!! ”

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