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Staff Dinner-11th Jan, 2014

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. To recognize our resource team, our Management has hosted the Annual Dinner on the pleasant eve of 11th January 2014. It was yet another occasion which strengthened the bondage between the team members. Team who make the dream of the planners to come true needs a word of appreciation at the end of the day. Our Management has taken various ways like Staff star of the month, star of the year, Year end appraisals etc., for motivating the team. This Staff Dinner is one such annual event that happen at QMIS to trigger their oneness and instill ownership.

This year the day was thoughtfully organized by our director Abinath Chandran. Chairman Dr.Chandran graced the occasion by his presence. The much awaited gathering began with the message from him. He shared his hardships faced during the earlier days of his career growth and it was motivating every aspiring individual in the gathering. He thanked the team for their unstinted support and for taking their profession with passion. He also called for the deliverance of their duties to the complete satisfaction of themselves with their own performances as the bench mark. Director Abinath Chandran greeted the team members for all their mettlesome efforts on the successful completion of Sangamam’13. He briefed the school’s plan for the upcoming academic year and solicited their spirited support for all upcoming events. Our Well wisher Balaji Seshadri , Vice President , Citi Bank ,Chennai was also present for the occasion. He encouraged the team to take ownership in the growth of the Institution just by being sincere and perfect to the job they are assigned to . The most lightening moments of the day were the games organized for the team. After a series of entertainment, a delicious dinner was served by the hosts. With the note of gratitude expressed by the staff a reminiscing day was concluded.

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