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Staff Day Out

Staff Day Out

The Management of Queen Mira International School takes utmost care in team building activities and the welfare of the employees. Simple day –outs and staff tours make a great recreation for the entire team. It rejuvenates the spirit of togetherness and the fun of being ourselves. The terms ‘recreation’ and ‘rejuvenate’ just meant what was on the tour agenda.

A one- day trip to Rameshwaram started from the school premises at 5.30 AM on 19th of September. A team of 30 staff and 8 children along with our director had set on roads in the early morning. The teachers danced, sang and enjoyed the travel. First on schedule was Khushi beach which was a few Kilometers ahead of Ramnad. It had lovely shores of shallow waters touching the broad blue skies spread to the horizon. The waters had taken us back to our childhood days. It was an immeasurable pleasure feeling so close to the nature. After a brief shower a simple lunch with tangy lemon rice and hot spicy rasam was served with fish fry which was fresh from the nets of the shore.

The tour then extended to Dhanush Koti, a no more abandoned place. The shore was blocked with massive barricades of rocks to impede the dominant sea waves washing away the town. Perhaps it was too late as the town is left only with some ruins of railway station and post office. The drive to Dhanush Koti was adventurous. This was the place where Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meets. These waters are known to be holy waters for the Hindus which is why people perform rituals to pay their respects to their ancestors at these shores.

On the way back home we were blessed to visit Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam’s cemetery. A cemetery, from which, one can still hear the great lectures and can still view the vision that this great legend had shown. The mission was accomplished when the objective of the staff tour was met by all means.

Travel is fun. It definitely creates Team Spirit.

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