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Staff Trip to Puducherry

23rd of January 2014 evening, was the start for our exciting Staff Tour to Puducherry. With a team of 20 staff and 6 children, our journey to the Holy Mother’s place began. The night full of chaffer did not let the team to realize that they had travelled nearly 350 km. The tiring travel was made comfortable by their friends. After 6 hours of travel on road the vehicle entered into the “The French Riviera of the East – i.e Puducherry ” on 24th of January . Thanks to the special efforts taken by our Management and our Manager HR, a comfort accommodation was arranged at “the new guest house”. It was a serene atmosphere which instantly set the meditating mood into every one of us. The cozy beddings at the cottage reminded us our Mother’s lap; hence the team had a quick nap for two hours and got ready for the day’s expedition.

A sumptuous breakfast at a vegetarian hotel gave us the energy to set off. The first halt was at Auroville – the Experiemental Township created to establish the universal harmony. Mr.Desikan one of the headmasters of a school at Puducherry kept the team more informative on Auroville by providing exhaustive details of the city. The trip to Auroville was very eventful as it comprised of a trekking, video watching and watching the Matrimandir – the concentration center from the view point. The beautiful Brindavan which was made at the once barren land stunned every one of us. The pleasing weather prevailing in the morning changed its mood and it was smiling so hotter which restricted the team’s spirit temporarily. After lunch and a short nap at the cottage, the team visited the Mother’s Ashram in the evening and rendered its peaceful prayers. We spent an hour at the Ashram zone finding the space itself filled with divinity. No one could resist visiting beach as all the roads at Puducherry were leading to the beach. Even after a long play, team did not get tired off at all. Any trip without shopping would go incomplete so does our staff trip too. The team explored the Jawaharlal Nehru street and shopped a lot of petit things to share with their families. The most famous thing at Puducherry for Indian ladies is those stylish semi-western outfits which our team did not miss. After resting that night under that ambience of quintessence , the team began its pleasure trip of the next day (25th of January) with a visit to the mother’s Ashram. After our visit to the French school Lycee Francais, we checked out at the afternoon and started our trip to Madurai as our home started calling.

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