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Staff Training Program
Staff Training Program

Mr.Abinath Chandran, the Director and Ms.Sujatha Guptan, the Principal organized a training session for the team on the 1st of November, 2014.

The gathering was initiated with a warm up activity were the members had a chance to share their funny likes and dislikes. This was followed by a Ball Tossing activity which was a platform to revive the below


  • Goal realization by every member of the team is essential to achieve.
  • Importance of each role in the organization.
  • Need for the strategies to be framed for the effective work execution.
  • Constant review / monitoring of the task.
  • Importance of clarity in communication.
  • Motivation for the team members keeps their spirit high.
  • TEAM – Together We Achieve More.

It was indeed a breakthrough and a refreshing day for the team. The session was not only filled with splashing fun but also imbibed the significance to value the empathy of the team members.

“True Contentment comes with Empathy”

Post lunch Team QMIS had yet another wonderful session with the Enteccon Life Skill trainers. The training session started with an activity to enhance the mind concentration. Continuing which trainer of the session and the Managing director of Enteccon Life skills training, Mr.Sabapathy briefed the team about him and his team. Various interesting games focusing on team building was played by the team QMIS that helped strengthening the bond between each other. On the whole the day was filled with fun and learning. Team QMIS has once again proved “Good teams become great ones, when the members trust each other enough to surrender the “ME “for the “WE”.

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