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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows

Money Management is a very essential learning for the children of today. On Saturday 22nd August 2015, the graders I &II set off to Reliance and Big Bazaar to explore and learn vital concepts in a very simple and practical way. The word shopping gives an instant energy to everyone, and when it comes to children it is doubled. The children, with full enthusiasm and expectations boarded the bus and reached the supermarket.

On reaching their destination, they were given a warm welcome by the in charge people along with the aroma of fresh veggies, fruits, baked biscuits. The children were then divided into small groups to tour the supermarket. They learned about navigating a grocery store, money management, reading labels, and comparison shopping

These out of classroom lessons were not only a great opportunity for students to practice their subject skills, but to get out, explore and experience the world that is just ahead of them. This learning did not stop here but made the children analyze and do some shopping. On the whole this field trip came to an end with a big smile.

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