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Teacher’s Day Celebration - 05th Nov, 2013

In a completely rational society soon there will be a condition that the best people in the world would be teachers and the rest would have to settle for something else. This prediction highlights the importance of a teacher in the society how they should conduct themselves to deserve that.5th September 2013 was the most memorable day for all the teaching community at QMIS.

The students made the day unforgettable with a series of entertainments for the teachers and with their love and respect. The entire campus echoed the students’ greetings. They expressed their sincere gratitude to their teachers through gifts, flowers and chocolates. There were many programs like dance and skit to entertain the teachers and refreshments were served while they were watching the program. It made everyone to understand that at QMIS students love their teachers it is because they give children something to take home to think about , besides homework. The students also organized games like treasure hunt, tug-off-war, and spot-luck-performer for the teachers.

The significance of the whole day program was that it was exclusively organized by the students without any teachers assistance. This brought to light their ability to organize and their enthusiasm in taking responsibilities. When the teachers were entertained the volunteers took responsibilities to engage young children in the class. People in other profession would not get more than five or six people to remember but the teachers will have thousands who remember them for the rest of their lives. The celebration reached its culmination with a competition for teachers in which Karthika Manoharan, the Physical Education Trainer was declared the winner and was crowned as the best performer of the day. At QMIS teachers inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love for learning in children.

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