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Plenary Sessions for Kindergarten Teachers

World Blood Donor Day is a day to thank and celebrate voluntary non-remunerated blood donors. It occurs on June 14, the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the creator of the ABO Blood group system for which he won the Nobel Prize. One of the main goals of the World Blood Donor Day is to ensure the availability of 'safe blood' for transfusion. QMIS catalyzed the awareness of blood donation to the society and also sowed the seeds of compassion into the hearts of QMIS kids. A blood donation camp was held at the QMIS premises on the 16th of June 2012 between 9.00am to 1.00pm in collaboration with the Team from Meenakshi Mission Hospitals. Dr.Chandran, Chairman, Abinath Chandran, Director and Balaji Seshadri, Assistant Vice President of Citi Bank were present and initiated the donation. Around 50 members comprising our Parents, Staff and well wishers have volunteered for this noble deed and supported the drive.

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