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How Telephone work?

The intention of the CAS session on this topic is to make the children understand the concept and techniques behind the telephone. The basic parts of the telephone like Microphone , Speaker, Duplex coil, Hook switch, Dial, Coiled wires and how it works, by conversion of the magnetic and electrical energy to transmit the voice were explained. Then the children were excited when they came to know that the base of telephone was the telegraphic machine that helps to send messages.

We entered into the interesting session about the parts of the old and modernized telephone and the mechanism like Dial mechanism, how we are making calls to the people. Tilting switch mechanism, Bells, Circuits. Electromagnet, the conversion of voice to electric pulse and electric pulses to voice take place while making calls. The session also crammed with the animated videos to explain about the techniques of the telephone and the mediums to transmit the voice like Fiber-optics, Microwave towers, Satellites. Wind up the session with the information These send and receive phone calls not as electrical signals but as pulses of electromagnetic radiation (light or radio waves) traveling at the speed of light to reach the destination soon