Field trip: A family visit

At QMIS learning is fun and it is even more fun when it comes with a boom of field trip. Family visit was organized for KG kids to meet a new family and understand the concept of different family set ups prevailing in the society.

The kids were taken to one of their friend's house to get introduced to their family. This not only introduced them to the members of the family but also taught them a lot more like how to move around in a new place and with new people. Etiquettes to be followed in a new place were taught to the kids easily. Efforts of parents to be really appreciable who have taken off from their work to receive the kids. In some places the extended families of uncles and aunts have also made themselves available during their visit to introduce themselves. The very big welcome and smile of the hosts were well received and returned by the kids too. Gifts were exchanged among the kids and family members. Gifts by the kids had more personal touch of making their own cards with thumb printing , bouquet with flowers brought by every kid and a fruit basket where every kid contributed a fruit and a special dry fruit pack. Introductions and interactions were making the kids warmer to gel with people. Kids had so much of fun in sharing and playing with the toys, caring and cajoling the pets and participated in the games organized by the hosts. Photos were also taken along with the family members. After a memorable day , kids moved home with tons of stories to share with their parents about the day. Undoubtedly this experience will ever remain fresh in their memories ever more.

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