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Jansirani Trophy
Jansirani Trophy

Inter House Throw Ball Competition

The competition proved to be a Thrilling Saturday. A series of 8, highly entertaining matches eventuated on 15th November 2014 in QMIS Campus, which included Bhaskara vs Sushrutha, playing for the final and Aryabhatta vs. Charaka going head to head to book a place for the runner up. The lot was between the previous trophy holder Aryabhatta and runner up Bhaskara. The toss was won by Sushrutha beginning with choice of place. The team consisted of teaching and non-teaching staffs.

The tournament began with a set of three rounds with side change between the teams kicking off the first match. A group of three was assigned to evaluate the match, the referee, the scorer and the official. A few minutes later, the first chance of serve from Aryabhatta started and ended up quick in a set winning up. That solitary chance of serving from Bhaskara was the only positive to be derived from their play. Soon after that, Chakara dominated through the hour. It took away the glance of every audience around. It was indeed a tough play between the team for the qualifying for the final.

The continuous serve cuts, smash and drops forward created chance after chance and got the breakthrough 25 minutes into the match. An accurate cross from referee was met by a powerful tap in from Aryabhatta to give Bhaskara the lead with just 2 points remaining. Bhaskara was assured defending from throughout the rest of the match ensured their progress into the final. It was then time for Charaka and Sushrutha to battle it out for a chance to face the final.

Both teams created chances and had the early opportunity to score- a quick sequence of passes in a swift counter-attack move from defence to attack, but Sushrutha fired wide. Soon, the balance tilted towards Charaka as they took the lead with an interception followed by a good hand serve where it was not cut which found its way in the near the weakest person on the team.

From that point onwards, Charaka became the dominant force of the tie. However, in the final minute of the ten, Sushrutha earned an equalising courtesy of a shot from its team player, right into the bottom corner to defend the force throws. The encouraging comments and funny titles from the head of the organisation and principal made the show more interesting. The blows the whistle and the outcome of the match ended up with Sushrutha holding the trophy, Charaka as runner up and Arybhatta in the third place.

As Lori Myers said, ‘’ When healthy competition prevails, you come out to play and you play to win’’ That was true, all team members learned what fair play is, what team work is and each one could experience the team spirit inspite of their ages , designations and knowledge about game. Moreover that was fun filled; it was a product of productive work motivated by desire to achieve.

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