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Unity in Diversity


We are one nation at large. We may belong to different religions, castes and creeds but pray to one goddess ’Mother India’. To bring in unity in the hearts of our little citizens, QMIS KGs celebrated “Unity in diversity” by bringing oneness under single roof on 16th of March. To exemplify unity, the original flavors and ambiance of each of the states were depicted in the classrooms.

Our KG children dressed themselves in ethnic wear and were engaged in craft works of different states like Bathik printing, craft using coconut shells and leaves etc. Our tiny tots enjoyed the traditional foods of different states prepared by the parents and also danced to the different forms of music played in each venue. This activity brought in excitement and a feeling of oneness not only in the children but also in parents as we could hear one of the parents saying ‘I enjoyed trying a new recipe of the other state’. It was truly an eye opener for our children to educate themselves on the states and the culture. Above all, it gave a clear thought in the minds of our little ones- “Where there is unity, there is always strength.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the perfect present for the test of our civilization.

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