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Family Visit

Family is a work of heart


In this busy world, our children hardly have any chance for a get together or to know about a family visit. The objective of this visit was to teach the basic etiquettes the children have to follow when they visit a strange family and to know about the two types of families- Nuclear and Joint family. As a part of our academic curriculum we at QMIS with our KG kids decided to visit a nuclear family and a joint family on 27th of February 2015. The children were very much excited to visit their friend’s house. PKG and KG1A visited Edmund’s family (Nuclear family) and Asvanth’s family (Joint family).KG1B and 1C visited Dushyanth’s family (Joint family) and Sarvajid’s family (Nuclear family). Although Edmund’s family was a nuclear family all his uncles, aunts with grandparents were there to entertain our tiny tots. Children were received with a broad smile and a welcome drink. There were lots of fun games and healthy snacks that the children relished. As a token of love, the kids had prepared thanks giving card with their photos on it to give it to the families for their remembrance on the visit. A special gratitude was expressed to all the parents who have given our children the joy of knowing what a family is. On their return back our little ones had enough stories to share with their friends and of course with their parents. Having a place to go is HOME, Having someone to love is FAMILY, and having both is a BLESSING.

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