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Visit to Places of Worship

Visit to Places of Worship

“The soul of religion is one, but it is encased in a multitude of forms.”

Mahatma Gandhi

In today’s scenario, the word “unity” has its mere existence only in words. It is the future generation who can give life to it.In order to bring in this feeling in the future leaders, the KG children were given an oppourtunity to visit the worshipping places of Hindus, Christians and Muslims on 3rd of October.

The pilgrimage started at around 10.30 AM. They were taken to the Shiva temple at Thiruvedagam were they were educated on the name of the God, the ways of worshipping and the various offerings given to the God. Then they travellved to the Dharga in Ervadi. The children were briefed on the worshipping way of not having an Idol, instead worshipping the crescent shaped moon that is facing towards Mecca , the birth place of Prophet Mohammed. Following this, they were taken to the CSI Church in Kalavasal. The children exhibited great eagerness to know how people worship in church. The teachers explained that Lord Jesus or Mother Mary is being worshipped there. And they also explained that the priest is one who offers prayers in the temple, Imam in the Dharga and the Father in the church.

As quoted by Albert Einstein, “Never Lose holy curiosity”, the children were eager to probe and know more about these places from their teachers. As it said, a feeling of true divinity is felt in a child, the crowd was taken aback when Delicia Gabriel of KG2B sang a song praising Jesus.One could feel the presence of almighty there listening and blessing these wonderful children.

On the way back, the children were enlightened on the various Holy books and the teaching of those books, “God is one and He lives in the Heart of good people”. Giving an exposure to many forms and inculcucating that all are the same was the prime objective of the trip. Having succeeded in this the teachers returned with happiness and contentment that they had done a great deed for this Gandhi Jeyanthi by developing the feeling of oneness in children.

The children came back to school at around 02.30PM saying the mantra, “In reality, there is only one religion, the religion of GOD”.

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