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Orientation for X Seed

XSEED Training Program 31st May & 1st June, 2012

For the benefit of the new recruits, two days of XSEED training program was held at our campus. The session began with the staff introduction. Mr. Duke, the trainer, had asked us to introduce ourselves by preceding our name with an adjective that begins with the first letter of our name. This instantly lured us to the training program. The video clippings pertaining to the XSEED method of teaching gave the trainees a glimpse of how our teaching should be. He provided us with techniques on the topics Instructional Tools and Techniques. The activities conducted during the sessions not only kept us conversant and energetic throughout but also taught us to reflect the same to the students. We also received a book that detailed the usage of XSEED book materials and the various methodologies that one could opt in engaging the class. The session came to an end with a microteaching that provided us an opportunity to exhibit the skills that we had acquired during the training.

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