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Orientation for X Seed

The training for the new mentors on the X seed plan and implementations was organized on the 8th of December 2012. The educational coach Mr.Saktheeswaran enlightened the staff by casting light on the X seed pedagogy. It was a nourishing program for the new teachers as it guides and supports the process of child development and reiterating their roles and responsibilities. This training also provided a platform for the mentors to discuss about the various real time challenges that they encounter in their day to day life. The 5 step learning process of X Seed was elaborated and the concept of experiential learning was strongly emphasized. Videos of various classroom management strategies were shown to the mentors to give them an insight into the actual class scenarios and tips for an effective classroom management were discussed in the forum. It was really a great guiding session which helped the mentors to clarify a lot of their concerns.

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