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Xseed Instructional Leaders Training

Xseed Instructional Leaders Training - 7th & 8th June, 2013 at Hotel Germanus, Madurai. The school management deputed Mr.Kumaran the Vice Principal of the school to attend the Xseed Educational Leadership Training Program held at Hotel Germaus, Madurai. The objective of the training was to enable the XSEED educational leaders to facilitate the teachers to understand the XSEED better so that they would be able to implement their lessons effectively in the class for the better learning of the students and also to make the parents involve themselves in the teaching and learning process with good understanding of what XSEED is and how it would benefit their children. Mr. George Kennedy, Senior Education Coach, XSEED was the resource person on both days, 7th and 8th of June, 2013.

The agenda of the program:

  • Involving parents in XSEED teaching and learning.
  • Building and managing an XSEED resource room.
  • Guiding teachers in XSEED academic plan.
  • Facilitating XSEED video/ web-based training.
  • Supporting co-preparing, co-teaching and demonstrating XSEED lesson.
  • Developing XSEED teachers through coaching and observation conferences.
  • Facilitating XSEED 3-S meeting. ( success, struggle and support )
  • Managing XSEED summative assessment programs, including Learnometer.
  • Contacting the XSEED Education coach regularly.

The training has helped the trainees to clear their doubts and has made them more self-assured to guide their team in connection with XSEED.